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TIG welding intership at Metec
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! We carry on with the tradition which started 5 years ago, meaning we will make a donation to Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation.
Holiday season at Metec
Dear partners and customers! Our last working day in 2020 is on 23th of December. Our factory will be open again from 4th of January and ready to service you again. We wish you peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year!
Scania Gryphus with front protection system
At the end of 2018, the keys of the first Scania Gryphus trucks were handed to Dutch army. Over 2000 vehicles will be delivered to the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Metec is proud to be a member of Scania supply chain as vehicles physical protection systems provider and was involved in the bullbar and the foldable step project since development phase.
Robots have arrived
Modern companies use up-to-date technology.
Second tubular laser has arrived
Metec has been continuously developing its technology to meet the future needs of our customers. In October 2019, a second tubular laser from German company Trumpf was added to our equipment.
Metec is a champion in tube processing
We are pleased to announce to our customers that we, at Metec, have successfully completed the introduction of a new generation pipe bending technology.
Creditrating AAA for Metec
For few consecutive years in a row, international businessdata service´s offering company Creditinfo, has issued Metec credit raiting of AAA.
Investments to tehnology
In the recent years nothing revolutionary has taken place in the field of metal processing technology but innovation is constantly ongoing – machines are getting faster and more precise and new solutions allow us to shorten the standby time needed to re-sett the machines or upload and unload the product parts. It is precisely on these considerations that Metec is with the help of German and Swedish high technology, updating its laser cutting and pipe-tapping technology.
Paperfree manufacturing
The First digital terminals in our sheet and pipe processing department work centres were assembled. With it Metec loses all paperwork in production. All the assignments, designs, plans and guidelines for the tasks are available digitally, making the documentation 100% actual. At the same time feedback and necessary measurement results are being enacted. All the employees and master engineers save time doing their job, as they earlier had to meet up several times in a day to transmit the tasks. By the first quarter of 2019 when the whole factory will be covered with similar work centres, we will save 200,000 sheets of paper and printing ink.

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Frohe Weihnachten!

Frohe Weihnachten! Wir führen die Tradition fort, die vor 5 Jahren begann, was bedeutet, dass wir der Kinderstiftung des Universitätskrankenhauses Tartu spenden werden. WEITERLESEN

Roboter sind angekommen

Gute Arbeitskräfte sind überall auf der Welt immer schwieriger zu finden. Und es wäre auch schade, gute Arbeiter für einfache und harte Arbeit zu verschwenden. Um diese beiden Probleme auf einmal zu lösen, hat Metec zusätzlich zwei Industrieroboter bestellt - einen für das Blechbiegen und den anderen für das Schweißen. Beide sind jetzt auch angekommen und in Betrieb genommen.WEITERLESEN

Der zweite Rohrlaser ist angekommen

Metec hat seine Technologie unter Berücksichtigung der zukünftigen Anforderungen unserer Kunden kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. Im Oktober 2019 wurde unser Gerätepark um einen zweiten Rohrlaser der deutschen Firma Trumpf erweitert.WEITERLESEN

Metec ist ein Spezialist im Bereich der Rohrbearbeitung

Wir freuen uns, unseren Kunden mitteilen zu können, dass wir erfolgreich die Einführung der Rohrbiegetechnologie der neuen Generation bei Metec abgeschlossen haben.WEITERLESEN